Reviews on Lisa Barker,MA, RSDE, Facilitator and Somatic Educator

I absolutely love working with Lisa in ‘Somatic One-on-One Sessions.’ Lisa naturally shares her gift of insight to support my highest good as we explore together what I need in the moment. I so appreciate Lisa’s ability to listen deeply so she can offer opportunities for profound growth. She really allows us to co-create a path of healing and empowerment together. After a session with Lisa, I feel like anything and everything are possible for me. I love that she understands the importance of connecting the spiritual and the embodied processes!”

Michael Richter

“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my first series of Authentic Movement classes with Lisa. I loved her creativity and she held the space in a loving and safe way which allowed me to really dive deep and explore inner dimensions through movement, sound, sensation and awareness. I highly recommend her classes.”

Karel Hendee

“Lisa Barker is one of the most creative and passionate people I know which is very inspiring to me. Lisa has a thorough understanding of movement mechanics and can help guide your body to success and injury prevention. I highly recommend anyone to take time and experience what she has to offer. You will not be disappointed.”

Justin Richards